Production History

*Indicates World Premiere

2016 – 2017

Hand to God by Robert Askins (September 2016)
*Roz and Ray by Karen Hartman (November 2016)
*A Wonder in My Soul by Marcus Gardley (February 2017)
*Queen by Madhuri Shekar (April 2017)
Native Gardens by Karen Zacarías (June 2017)

2015 – 2016

Sucker Punch by Roy Williams (September 2015)
Never the Sinner by John Logan (November 2015)
*Cocked by Sarah Gubbins (February 2016)
*Hillary and Clinton by Lucas Hnath (April 2016)
The House That Will Not Stand by Marcus Gardley (June 2016)

2014 – 2015

Rest by Samuel Hunter (September 2014)
The Testament of Mary by Colm Tóibín (November 2014)
*Samsara by Lauren Yee (February 2015)
*An Issue of Blood by Marcus Gardley (April 2015)
The Who & The What by Ayad Akhtar (June 2015)

2013 – 2014

*Appropriate by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (November 2013)
*The Gospel of Lovingkindness by Marcus Gardley (February 2014)
Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman (June 2014)

2012 – 2013

Equivocation by Bill Cain (September 2012)
*Failure: A Love Story by Philip Dawkins (November 2012)
Disconnect by Anupama Chandrasekhar (January 2013)
The Whale by Samuel D. Hunter (April 2013)
*Mojada by Luis Alfaro (July 2013)

2011 – 2012

In The Next Room (or the Vibrator Play) by Sarah Ruhl (September 2011)
Ameriville by Universes (January 2012)
*We Are Proud to Present a Presentation About The Herero Of Namibia, Formerly Known As Southwest Africa, From The German Sudwestafrika Between The Years 1884-1915 by Jackie Sibblies Drury (March 2012)
Oedipus El Rey by Luis Alfaro (June 2012)

2010 – 2011

At Home At The Zoo by Edward Albee (October 2010)
*The Boys Room by Joel Drake Johnson (January 2011)
Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker (February 2011)
Tree by Julie Hebert (April 2011)
The Gospel According to James by Charles Smith (June 2011)

2009 – 2010

*The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity by Kristoffer Diaz (September, 2009)
*Year Zero by Michael Golamco (September 2009)
The Snow Queen by Michael Smith (November 2009)
Blue Door by Tanya Barfield (January 2010)
The Lost Boys of Sudan by Lonnie Carter (March 2010)
*Jacob and Jack by James Sherman (May, 2010)
*A Guide For The Perplexed by Joel Drake Johnson (July, 2010)

2008 – 2009

Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl (October, 2008)
The Snow Queen by Michael Smith (November, 2008)
*Living Green by Gloria Bond Clunie (January, 2009)
*Class Dismissed by Jeffrey Sweet (March, 2009)
Love Person by Aditi Brennan Kapil (April, 2009)
Blackbird by David Harrower (July, 2009)

2007 – 2008

*The Defiant Muse by Nicholas A. Patricca (September, 2007)
A Park in Our House by Nilo Cruz (October, 2007)
The Snow Queen by Michael Smith (November, 2007)
A Big Blue Nail by Carlyle Brown (January, 2008)
*Four Places by Joel Drake Johnson (March, 2008)
*Relatively Close by James Sherman (June, 2008)

2006 – 2007

*Denmark by Charles Smith (September, 2006)
*The Snow Queen by Michael Smith (December, 2006)
*Court-Martial at Fort Devens by Jeffrey Sweet (February, 2007)
*Cynical Weathers by Douglas Post (April, 2007)
My Children, My Africa by Athol Fugard (May, 2007)
*I Sailed With Magellan by Claudia Allen (June, 2007)

2005 – 2006

Memory House by Kathleen Tolan (September, 2005)
*Wheatley by Lonnie Carter (October, 2005)
Hortensia and the Museum of Dreams by Nilo Cruz (November, 2005)
I Have Before Me A Remarkable Document Given To Me By A Young Lady From Rwanda by Sonja Linden (January, 2006)
Cradle of Man by Melanie Marnich (March, 2006)
*Half and Half by James Sherman (May, 2006)

2004 – 2005

*The Family Gold by Annie Reiner (September, 2004)
Pyreton by John Belluso (October, 2004)
*Hanging Fire by Claudia Allen (November, 2004)
*Shoes by Gloria Bond Clunie (January, 2005)
*Berlin 45 by Jeffrey Sweet (March, 2005)
*Symmetry by David C. Field (May, 2005)

2003 – 2004

Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz (September, 2003)
*Homeland Security by Stuart Flack (October, 2003)
*Affluenza! By James Sherman (November, 2003)
*Free Man of Color by Charles Smith (January, 2004)
*Trying by Joanna McClelland Glass (March, 2004)
The Romance of Magno Rubio by Lonnie Carter (May, 2004)

2002 – 2003

*Ariadne’s Thread by Ann Noble (September, 2002)
*God and Country by Douglas Post (November, 2002)
Bourbon at the Border by Pearl Cleage (January, 2003)
*Unspoken Prayers by Claudia Allen (March, 2003)
*Concerto Chicago by Lonnie Carter (April, 2003)
*The End of the Tour by Joel Drake Johnson (May, 2003)

2001 – 2002

*Immoral Imperatives by Jeffrey Sweet (September, 2001)
Henry Flamethrowa by John Belluso (October, 2001)
*The Glamour House by Lydia Stryk (November, 2001)
Waiting To Be Invited by S.M. Shepard-Massat (January, 2002)
*Battle of the Bands by Dean Corrin (March, 2002)
High Life by Lee Macdougall (April, 2002)
*The Old Man’s Friend by James Sherman (May, 2002)

2000 – 2001

*Blissfield by Douglas Post (September, 2000)
The History of Bowling (revival) by Mike Ervin (October, 2000)
*Hello Dali created by Jamie O’Reilly and Michael Smith (November, 2000)
*Hambone by Javon Johnson (January, 2001)
*The Action Against Sol Schumann by Jeffrey Sweet (March, 2001)
*Jonathan Wild by Stuart Flack (April, 2001)
*Fossils by Claudia Allen (May, 2001)

1999 – 2000

*Bluff by Jeffrey Sweet (September, 1999)
*Door to Door by James Sherman (November, 1999)
*Knock Me a Kiss by Charles Smith (January, 2000)
*Voice of Good Hope by Kristine Thatcher (March, 2000)
*Cahoots by Claudia Allen (May, 2000)
*No One As Nasty by Susan Nussbaum (June, 2000)

1998 – 1999

The Sovereign State of Boogedy Boogedy by Lonnie Carter (September, 1998)
Rain, River, Ice, Steam by S.L. Daniels (November, 1998)
*Danny Bouncing by Rick Cleveland (January, 1999)
*Among Friends by Kristine Thatcher (March, 1999)
*The History of Bowling by Mike Erving (April, 1999)
*Winter by Claudia Allen (May, 1999)

1997 – 1998

*The Sutherland by Charles Smith (September, 1997)
*Romance in D by James Sherman (November, 1997)
*The Washington Sarajevo Talks by Carla Seaquist (November, 1997)
*Before My Eyes by Joel Drake Johnson (January, 1998)
View of the Dome by Theresa Rebeck (March, 1998)
*Flyovers by Jeffrey Sweet (May, 1998)

1996 – 1997

Big Wind on Campus (co-production) by Gregory Henderson (August, 1996)
Emma’s Child by Kristine Thatcher (September, 1996)
*Drowning Sorrows by Douglas Post (November, 1996)
*Sidney Bechet Killed a Man by Stuart Flack (January, 1997)
*Root Causes by Steve Carter (March, 1997)
The God of Isaac by James Sherman (May, 1997)

1995 – 1996

Never the Sinner by John Logan (September, 1995)
*With and Without by Jeffrey Sweet (November, 1995)
*Unmerciful Good Fortune by Edwin Sanchez (Northlight Co-Production) (January, 1996)
Jelly Belly by Charles Smith (March, 1996)
*Lemuel by Lonnie Carter (April, 1996)
Hannah Free by Claudia Allen (May, 1996)

1994 – 1995

The Colored Museum by George C. Wolfe (September, 1994)
Greetings! by Tom Dudzick (November, 1994)
Murder in Green Meadows by Douglas Post (January, 1995)
*North Star by Gloria Bond Clunie (March, 1995)
*Jest A Second! by James Sherman (May, 1995)

1993 – 1994

Eden by Steven Carter (September, 1993)
Real Women Have Curves by Josefina Lopez (October, 1993)
*Deed of Trust by Claudia Allen (December, 1993)
*Ends by David Alex (January, 1994)
*Michael, Margaret, Pat & Kate by Michael Smith & Peter Glazer (February, 1994)
*Wipe That Smile by Kaye Osbourne (March, 1994)
*Get Ready by Jaye Stewart (May, 1994)

1992 – 1993

Earth and Sky by Douglas Post (September, 1992)
Hospitality Suite by Roger Rueff (November, 1992)
*Spinning into Blue by Sally Nemeth (January, 1993)
*Freefall by Charles Smith (March, 1993)
Ripe Conditions by Claudia Allen (May, 1993)

1991 – 1992

Hauptmann by John Logan (September, 1991)
*Spiele 36 or The Fourth Medal by Steve Carter (November, 1991)
Death of Zukasky by Richard Strand (January, 1992)
*Working Magic by Margaret Hunt (April, 1992)
*This Old Man Came Rolling Home by James Sherman (May, 1992)
Smile Orange by Trevor Rhone (June, 1992)

1990 – 1991

T-Bone ‘N’ Weasel by Jon Klein (September, 1990)
Jelly Belly by Charles Smith (New York City Co-Production) (November, 1990)
Phantasie by Sybille Pearson (October, 1990)
*Cane by Charles Smith from the novel by Jean Toomer (January, 1991)
*Still Waters by Claudia Allen (March, 1991)
*Scorched Earth by John Logan (May, 1991)

1989 – 1990

Three Ways Home by Casey Kurtti (September, 1989)
*Beau Jest by James Sherman (November, 1989)
*Pecong by Steve Carter (January, 1989)
*Diesel Moon by Robert Auletta (February, 1990)
*Angels of Warsaw by Marisha Chamberlain (March, 1990)
Scarred Ground by Thomas Cadwaleder Jones (April, 1990)
Dear Elena Sergaevna by Lyudmilla Razmovskaya (May, 1990)
Nightside by Philip Reed (June, 1990)

1988 – 1989

Some Men Need Help by John Ford Noonan (September, 1988)
Tamer of Horses by William Mastrosimone (November, 1988)
*The Long Awaited by Claudia Allen (January, 1989)
*Jelly Belly by Charles Smith (February, 1989)
*Music From a Locked Room by John Logan (March, 1989)
Tito by Romolo Arellano (April, 1989)
Woman in Mind by Alan Ackybourn (May, 1989)
April Snow by Romulus Linney (June, 1989)

1987 – 1988

The Colored Museum by George C. Wolfe (September, 1987)
*The Necktie Party by Lonnie Carter (October, 1987)
*Expectations by Dean Corrin (November, 1987)
The Stick Wife by Darrah Cloud (January, 1988)
Der Inka Von Peru by Jeffrey M. Jones (February, 1988)
Chekhov in Yalta by John Driver & Jeffrey Hadow (March, 1988)
*A Joy Forever by Frank Manley (April, 1988)
*The Escape Artist by James Sherman (June, 1988)

The Great Chicago Playwrights Exposition (all world premiere productions)
Co-produced with Body Politic – June 1987:

*Roof Top Piper by David Hernandez
*The News From St. Petersburg by Rich Orloff
*They Even Got The Rienzi by Claudia Allen
*Gardinia’s ‘N’ Blum by Nicholas Patricca
*In The Service of Others by Valerie Quinney
*Centipede by Rick Cleveland
*John Wayne Movies by John Logan
*Mothers and Sons by Lonnie Carter
*Takunda by Charles Smith
*The Tether Disorder (workshop) by Clifton Campbell
*Floor Above the Roof by Daniel Therriault
*Before I Wake by William J. Norris
*The Figure by Clifton Campbell
*Moonlight Daring Us To Go Insane (workshop) by E. Eugene Baldwin

1986 – 1987

Other Places by Harold Pinter (September, 1986)
*Shoot Me While I’m Happy by Steven Carter and Smokey & Adjora Stevens (November, 1986)
*Prior Engagements by Frank Manley (November, 1986)
Eleemosynary by Lee Blessing (January, 1987)
Rough/Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett (April, 1987)
*Kids in the Dark by Rick Cleveland & David Breskin (April, 1987)
*Naked Zoo by Friends of the Zoo (April, 1987)

1985 – 1986

*Wild Indian by Theodore Shank (September, 1985)
American Dreams: Lost and Found by Studs Terkel (November, 1985)
*Gentrification by Dean Corrin (January, 1986)
Tomorrowland by Jeffrey M. Jones (February, 1986)
Split Second by Dennis McIntyre (March, 1986)
*Slumming by Marisha Chamberlain (April, 1986)
*Mr. 80% by James Sherman (May, 1986)
*Penta Benta by Steven Ivcich (June, 1986)

1984 – 1985

*The Fifth Sun by Nicholas Patricca (September, 1984)
*Tab for Stardom by Jeff Berkson, Denise DeClue & John Karraker (November, 1984)
*Symphony Pastorale/Fugue by Bob Barnett (January, 1985)
Levitation by Timothy Mason (January, 1985)
Master Harold…and the Boys by Athol Fugard (March, 1985)
*The Sovereign State of Boogedy Boogedy by Lonnie Carter (March, 1985)
*The God of Isaac by James Sherman (June, 1985)
*Young Psycho-Vivisectionists Meet Marilyn Monroe by Steven Ivcich (June, 1985)

1983 – 1984

*Turntables by Jeff Barkson & John Karraker (September, 1983)
Crossing Niagara by Alonso Alegria (September, 1983)
Home by Samm Art Williams (November, 1983)
Avner the Eccentric (return engagement) created and performed by Avner Eisenberg (December, 1983)
*Butler County by Dean Corrin (January, 1984)
Dreams of Flight by Brian Richard Mori (January, 1984)
*Scheherazade by Marisha Chamberlain (March, 1984)
Eminent Domain by Percy Granger (May, 1984)

1982 – 1983

Old Times by Harold Pinter (September, 1982)
Niagra Falls by Victor Bumbalo (October, 1982)
*Your Move by Jeff Berkson, John Karraker (November, 1982)
Marty Pollio (A Mime) (December, 1982)
*Wonderful Wonderful Siberia by Felix Leon (January, 1983)
*Daddy’s Seashore Blues by Farrell J. Foreman (January, 1983)
The Fine Line (Improvisational Comedy) (March, 1983)
*George’s File by Jeffrey Sweet (March, 1983)
The Value of Names by Jeffrey Sweet (March, 1983)
Buddies by Mary Gallagher (May, 1983)
The Whales of August by David Adams Berry (June, 1983)

1981 – 1982

Stops Along The Way by Jeffrey Sweet (September, 1981)
*Routed by Jeffrey Sweet (September, 1981)
Daughters by Martin Jones (October, 1981)
*Clown by Richard Strand (November, 1981)
Avner the Eccentric (return engagement) created and performed by Avner Eisenberg (December, 1981)
*Cait by Janice Finney (January, 1982)
Close Ties by Elizabeth Diggs (January, 1982)
*Blind Mice by Dennis Ryan (March, 1982)
*Shadows by Steve Carter (April, 1982)
*Einsteins by Steven Ivcich (May, 1982)
Clara’s Play by John Olive (June, 1982)

1980 – 1981

Home by David Storey (September, 1980)
*Solitaire created and performed by Steven Ivcich (September, 1980)
The Uprooted by Humberto Robles (November, 1980)
Avner the Eccentric created and performed by Avner Eisenberg (November, 1980)
*Three Stories High adapted by Ruth Landis from short stories (November, 1980)
*Ties by Jeffrey Sweet (January, 1981)
Minnesota Moon/Harvest Sun by John Olive (February, 1981)
*Dame Lorraine by Steve Carter (March, 1981)
Ludlow Fair by Lanford Wilson (May, 1981)
The Dumbwaiter by Harold Pinter (May, 1981)
*La Brea Tarpits by Alan Gross (May, 1981)
Halloween by Leonard Melfi (June, 1981)

1979 – 1980

*Hard Feelings by Jeffrey Sweet (September, 1979)
Hollywood Confidential by Charles Busch (October, 1979)
Nevis Mountain Dew by Steve Carter (November, 1979)
Other Pinter Pauses by Harold Pinter (December, 1979)
*The Artaud Project by James Rinnert (January, 1980)
The Plays the Thing by Ferenc Molnar (February, 1980)
*Polaroids by Virginia Smiley (March, 1980)
*Latino Chicago developed by the Latino Chicago Company (March, 1980)
Slow Dance on the Killing Ground by William Hanley (May, 1980)
*The Examen by Nicholas Patricca (May, 1980)
Cowboy Mouth/Killers Head by Sam Shepard (June, 1980)

1978 – 1979

The Homecoming by Harold Pinter (September, 1978)
*Towards the Morning by John Fenn (October, 1978)
*Peppermints by Mark Larson (November, 1978)
Eden by Steve Carter (November, 1978)
*Dillinger by William J. Norris (November, 1978)
*Porch by Jeffrey Sweet (February, 1979)
*Weekends Like Other People by David Blomquist (March, 1979)
*Clowncave by Steven Ivcich (March, 1979)
*East Liberty Pa by Allan Bates (May, 1979)
Cowboys #2/The Unseen Hand by Sam Shepard (June, 1979)

1977 – 1978

June Moon by Ring Lardner & George S. Kaufman with new music by Warren Casey (September, 1977)
*The Cigarette Man by David Blomquist (November, 1977)
*Colette arranged from the writings of Colette by Ruth Landis (December, 1977)
Ceremonies in Dark Old Men by Lonne Elder III (February, 1978)
Heat by William Hauptman (February, 1978)
*His Satanic Majesty by William J. Norris (February, 1978)
*Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea arranged by Greg McCaslin (February, 1978)
Night of January 16th by Ayn Rand (April, 1978)
*This is My Play Song by Jackie Taylor (April, 1978)
The Transfiguration of Benno Blimpie by Albert Innaurato (July, 1978)

1976 – 1977

Volpone by Ben Jonson (September, 1976)
Jesse and the Bandit Queen by David Freeman (December, 1976)
*Some Kind of Life by Bruce & Brian Hickey (January, 1977)
The Bloodknot by Athol Fugard (February, 1977)
*I, From the Prose of Samuel Beckett arranged by Alan Wade (March, 1977)
Sizwe Banzi is Dead by Athol Fugard (May, 1977)
*Sensoria from a mime concept by Steven & Christine Ivcich (June, 1977)

1975 – 1976

*A Little Louder Please by (Mime) Robert Grifford (September, 1975)
*Strangle Me by Frank Shiras (October, 1975)
The Caretaker by Harold Pinter (November, 1975)
The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit by Ray Bradbury (December, 1975)
*The Benevolent Devil adapted by June Pyskacek (January, 1976)
*The Hitler Masque by Ron Rae (February, 1976)
Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury (March, 1976)
*All I Want by Bruce Hickey (May, 1976)
*Dreams by Tom Sharkey (May, 1976)

1974 – 1975

*The Velvet Rose by Stacy Myatt (October, 1974)
*The Magnolia Club by Jeff Berkson, John & David Karraker (November, 1974)
The Lover and Others Stranger 3 plays by Harold Pinter, Tennessee Williams, John Guare (March, 1975)
*Sweet Bloody Liberty by Paul Sills (May, 1975)
*Three Women by Cynthia Baker Johnson, Sandy Lipton, Roberta Maguire, Cecil O’Neal (May, 1975)
Endgame by Samuel Beckett (June, 1975)
The Cage by Rick Cluchery (July, 1975)