In Every Generation

World Premiere
Nov 13Dec 13, 2020
Single Tickets On Sale:Summer 2020
ByAli Viterbi
Directed byDevon de Mayo

“Takes a highly original approach to celebrate the continuity of Jewish tradition in the face of persecution and anti-Semitism…presenting not only a very human family saga, but also a timely warning about the choices that American Jews face in the present moment.” -Howard Shalwitz, founder of Woolly Mammoth Theater Company, Washington, D.C.


Each Passover, for four millennia, we ask: why is this night different from all other nights? And each year, the Levi-Katz clan has answered, while struggling with questions of race and religion that never seem to get resolved. The family finds strength in tradition (vegan brisket or no); but each year of celebration brings more pressing questions about the future: if trauma is generational, then must we be defined by it? Will we ever be free? Written by Ali Viterbi, In Every Generation was the 2019 winner of the National Jewish Playwriting Contest, and will have its world premiere at Victory Gardens, staged by Devon de Mayo (If I Forget, Victory Gardens).

Creative Team

Ali Viterbi
Devon de Mayo
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