Voice of Good Hope*
Mar 17Apr 23, 2000
By Kristine Thatcher


Dennis Zacek


Kristine Thatcher


Cheryl Lynn Bruce (Barbara Jordan)
Meg Thalken (Nancy Earl)
Kim Wade (Karen Woodruff)
Karla Beard (Heart)
Ken E. Head (John Ed Patten)
Dan Mooney (Robert Strauss)
Yvonne Huff (Julie Dunn)


Victory Gardens Theater will continue its 26th season with the world premiere of Voice of Good Hope, a new dramatic tribute to late Texas congresswoman Barbara Jordan by Chicago playwright and actress Kristine Thatcher. By shedding light on the pivotal moments of Jordan’s political career and personal life, Voice of Good Hope becomes a reverent salute to an African-American woman who rose, against all odds, to be one of the most influential women of the 20th century.

Production Team

Dennis Zacek: Director
Melissa Renee Miller: Stage Manager
Jeff Bauer: Set Designer
Karen Kopischke: Costume Designer
Joel Moritz: Lighting Designer
Andre Pluess: Sound Designer
Jon Heuring: Production Manager
Nick Bartles: Technical Director