Jest a Second!*
May 1Jun 1, 1995
By James Sherman


Dennis Zacek


James Sherman


Howard Friedland: Joel
Sean Grennan: Bob
Ted Kamp: Dr. Rosen
Bernie Landis: Abe
Anna Markin: Sarah
Gail Silver: Miriam


If you’ll remember, in the last fun-filled episode Sarah Goldman–a ditzy New Age young woman–hired a goyish actor, Bob Schroeder, to play her perfect Jewish boyfriend to please her parents, and wound up falling in love with the goof. In the follow-up to this heartwarming farce Sarah’s brother Joel–a sweetie-pie nebbish–fears telling their parents he’s gay. So once again Bob comes to the rescue, donning an outfit out of La Cage aux Folles to play Joel’s perfect, if somewhat butch, Jewish girlfriend. In Sherman’s world, even the most difficult family problems have a cute, sappy sitcom solution. (Source credited:

Production Team

Asst. Director: Greg Nishimura
Production Manager: Ron DeMarco
Running Crew: Marcie Hayes and Audrey Morgan
Costume Design: Claudia Boddy
Lighting Design: Larry Schoenman
Props and Sound Design: Galen Ramsey
Scenic Design: Stephen Packard