Working Magic*
Apr 1May 1, 1992
By Margaret Hunt


Sandy Shinner


Margaret Hunt


Michael Varna: Harry
Carlton Miller: Lila
Tom Amandes: Malcolm
Meg Thalken: Charlene
Michael McKune: Moses
Philip Van Lear: Character Man
Kate Buddeke: Character Woman 1
Kelly Anchors: Character Woman 2


This play concerns a ne’er-do-well magician, Harry Houdini Grant, who can’t seem to sire a child or make a living in his chosen career, and his wife Lila, who can’t decide whether she should stay with Harry or leave him. She kinda does both: she throws him out and then stays in such close contact with him it’s hard to remember they’re living apart. Harry’s similarly ambivalent. Even when he discovers that he really can levitate objects, he seems happiest when he’s just blown an audition. (Source credited:

Production Team

Sandy Shinner: Director
Jeff Bauer: Set Design
Frances Maggio: Costume Design
Ellen Jones: Lighting Design
Galen G. Ramsey: Sound Design
Linda Lane: Props
Amy A. Field: Stage Manager
Dean Corrin: Co-Dramaturg
Dennis Zacek: Co-Dramaturg
Deb Barber: Assistant Director
Fred Zimmerman: Magic Consultant