This Old Man Came Rolling Home*
May 1Jun 1, 1992
By James Sherman


Dennis Zacek


James Sherman


Mitch Litrovsky: Ben
Kathy Jaeck: Louise
Byrne Piven: Nate
Rengin Altay: Jack


After a blithe “No contraceptive is 100 percent. We got lucky,” Dr. Louise proceeds to cheerfully anticipate having a baby. But the father, Benjamin, an inventor of adult social-interaction games, is not as enthusiastic. Since Louise has no intention of quitting her job, he points out, she will have to run off to deliver other women’s babies whenever her pager summons, even if it means neglecting her own child–a consideration his fiancee simply shrugs off, saying “We’ll manage.” Louise’s career is not what’s eating Benjamin, however, but what he perceives as his own inadequacies as a man, misgivings he’s been trying to banish through psychoanalysis (speaking to his shrink over a speaker phone when he can’t make it into the office for his session) and Robert Bly-style men’s groups. (Source credited:

Production Team

Dennis Zacek: Director
Chris Fitzgerald: Production Manager
James Dardenne: Set Design
Claudia Boddy: Costume Design
Galen G. Ramsey: Sound Design
Bob Shook: Light Design