Get Ready*
May 1Jun 1, 1994
By Jaye Stewart


Dennis Zacek


Jaye Stewart


Dann E. Reese: Roscoe
Laura Walls: Eva
Rick Worthy: Vern
Trent Harrison Smith: J.R.
Allan Louis: Frankee
Kenn E. Head: Johnson
John Steven Crowley: Bunch
Allen Taylor: Knobby


In Get Ready the characters–a 60s R&B quintet hoping to make a 90s comeback–never talk about the music they make. They don’t have to: the music itself talks up a storm. Early in the first act there’s a glorious scene in which these middle-aged former “ambassadors of soul” sing together after 20 years. The joy of crooning the cream out of “I Got to Get to Know Her” and breaking into the choreographed gestures and synchronized steps of 60s guy groups doesn’t just restore their youth–it pumps up the audience into a fine frenzy. (Source credited:

Production Team

Joe Plummer: songwriter, choreographer
Dennis Zacek: Director
Doug Bean: Production Manager
Amy Field: Stage Manager
Jim Dardenne: Set Design
Todd Hensley: Light Design
Claudia Boddy: Costume Design
Galen Ramsey: Sound Design
Barbara Scott: Props