High Life
Apr 18Jun 2, 2002
By Lee Macdougall




Lee Macdougall


Brian Pudil (Dick)
Joe Forbrich (Bug)
Anthony Rothenberg (Donnie)
Tony Vervelle (Billy)
Kevin Stark (u/s Billy and Donnie)


Dick, the mastermind, brings together a gang of characters to pull off a “foolproof” bank heist. All of them, Bug the psychotic killer, Donnie the squealing hypochondriac, and Billy the pretty boy hustler, are so compassionately penned that we comprehend this sordid, deadly world. You’ll follow their roughhousing—suspended, amused and amazed. A frank and funny play that’ll give you an insider’s view of a subculture you’ve never experienced.

Production Team

Dado: Director
Katie Hagan: Set Designer
Shelley Strasser-Holland: Lighting Designer
Karen Kawa: Costume Designer
Bob Rokos: Sound Designer