Real Women Have Curves
Oct 1Nov 1, 1993
By Josefina Lopez


Carmen Roman


Josefina Lopez


Maricela Ochoa: Estella
Carole Gutierrez: Poncha
Justina Muchado: Anna
Elisa Alvarado: Rosalie
Martha del Rio: Carmen


Ana, a young Latin American working in her sister’s small factory, dreams about going to college to become a writer. Sitting in the bathroom, separated from the rest of the women by a flimsy curtain, she writes feverishly in her journal, complaining about the $67 a week she receives as “a Chicana in the garment industry.” Her determination to make something more of herself is fueled by the fear that she may end up like the other factory women, including her mother and sister–all Mexican immigrants just barely getting by. (Source credited:

Production Team

Carmen Roman: Director
Chris Fitzgerald: Production Manager
Amy Field: Stage Manager
Bill Bartelt: Set Design
Chris Phillips: Light Design
Margie Morettini: Costume Design