Door to Door*
Nov 12Dec 19, 1999
By James Sherman


Dennis Zacek


James Sherman


Roslyn Alexander (Bessie)
Cheryl Ross Mitchell (Mary)
Kim Wade (Deborah)


Victory Gardens Playwrights Ensemble member James Sherman brings his special view to the annals of Chicago Jewish life in his newest work, Door to Door. When one woman reflects on her past as a daughter, a wife, and a mother, who does she see? As Saving Private Ryan was a tribute to the men who went to war, Door to Dooris a celebration of the women who stayed home. Roslyn Alexander, Cheryl Ross Mitchell and Kim Wade will star in Sherman’s poignant world premiere about seventy years in the life of one American Jewish woman.

Production Team

Dennis Zacek: Director
Karin Kopischke: Costume Designer
Timothy Morrison: Set Designer
Geoffrey Bushor: Lighting Designer