Jelly Belly
Mar 28Apr 28, 1996
By Charles Smith


Dennis Zacek


Charles Smith


Velma Austin (Barbara)
A.C. Smith (Jelly Belly)
Trent Harrison (Smith Kenny)
Ken E. Head (Bruce)
Tyrone Beasley (Mike)


Playwright Charles Smith created a fascinating character in Jelly Belly, a consummate manipulator by turns likable and smarmy, angry and needy, pathetic and dangerous. This seducer excels at playing like he has your best interests at heart while setting you up for a fall. Though he’s summoned someone wonderful to life, Smith seems at a loss as to what to do with him. (Source credited:

Production Team

Dennis Zacek: Director
Ron DeMarco: Production Manager
Amy Field: Stage Manager
Mary Griswold: Set Designer
Claudia Boddy: Costume Designer
Todd Hensley: Lighting Designer
Alyssa Dickamn: Production Assistant
Ann Marie Parker: Sound Operator/Wardrobe Assistant