Love Person
May 15Jun 14, 2009
By Aditi Brennan Kapil


Sandy Shinner


Aditi Brennan Kapil


Rajesh Bose (Ram)
Cheryl Graeff (Vic)
Arlene Malinowski (Maggie)
Liz Tannebaum (Free)


In Love Person, love transcends sexual orientation, physical attraction, and social structure, resting instead on the ways in which we communicate and how that communication bonds or breaks us. The play is constructed through four Sanskrit love poems that influence and reflect the characters’ journeys. Free, a deaf woman in a relationship with Maggie, accidentally falls into a deceptive email dialogue with her sister Vic’s lover Ram, a visiting Sanskrit professor. Free and Ram discover a connection grounded in an affinity between their two languages. Vic and Ram also begin to fall in love, as Free and Maggie’s relationship struggles to survive

Production Team

Sandy Shinner – Director
Jeff Bauer – Scenic Designer
Carol Blanchard – Costume Designer
Michael Griggs and Andre Pluess – Sound Designers
Mike Tutaj – Video Designer
Christopher Ash – Lighting Designer
Rebecca Green – Stage Manager
Raymond Rodgers – Sign Master
Patti Lahey – Rehearsal Interpreter
Jeffrey Bouthiette and Elizabeth Lovelady – Assistant Directors