Still Waters*
Mar 1Apr 1, 1991
By Claudia Allen


Sandy Shinner


Claudia Allen


Ray Champan: Eli
Deanna Dunagan: Gertie
John Judd: Tom
Nancy Lollar: Charlotte
Mary Muligan: Bernadette
Larry Neumann, Jr. : Orvis
Barbara June Patterson: Daisy
Meg Thalken: Myrtle


The Reverend Myrtle, an ordained minister, is the daughter of a country preacher (the denomination is not specified, but clues point to her being Presbyterian). Since her father’s death some years earlier, she has filled the pulpit of his church–protocol for a “supply” preacher (analogous to a substitute teacher), particularly since World War II has made menfolk somewhat scarce in this part of rural Michigan and women have assumed many formerly male occupations. (As well as their pastimes–Myrtle and her mother arm wrestle at the kitchen table. “Are you Japan this time or am I?” “It’s your turn to be Italy.”) But with the end of the war the conservative congregation, led by the scripture-quoting local sheriff, votes to replace Myrtle with a preacher “who can talk man-to-man with God.” The rival candidate is patently unqualified for the post (“He can’t even pronounce the biblical names right!” complains Daisy), and a substantial portion of the flock favors keeping Myrtle as its spiritual leader. There is also a hint of revenge in Sheriff Orvis’s campaign; when they were children, he was sweet on Myrtle, who had eyes only for Jesus. (Source credited:

Production Team

Sandy Shinner: Director
Curt Columbus: Dramaturg
Chris Fitzgerald: Production Manager
Galen G. Ramsey: Stage Manager
Jeff Bauer: Set Design
Margaret Morrettini: Costume Design
Rita Pietraszk: Light Design
Galen G. Ramsey: Sound Design
Andrea Nussbaum: Props Design
Michael Mortimer: M.E.
Willy Steele: Carpenter