Big Wind on Campus (co-production)
Sep 5Oct 27, 1996
By Gregory Henderson


Joe Massa


Gregory Henderson


Gregory Henderson


Chicago Reader Review: Actor-playwright Gregory Henderson’s one-man comedy is like a cross between Family Secrets, Sherry Glaser’s virtuosic impersonation of five members of a dysfunctional family, and Greater Tuna, in which two actors play 20 residents of a bigoted Texas town. Here Henderson portrays seven people at a southwestern state university: breathlessly perky sorority sister Bitsy; her flaky, Xanax-popping mama Peggy Lou; Bitsy’s faux-cowboy fiance Bubba; Christian marching-band drummer Jake; his barely closeted gay bandmate Steve (whose flamboyant drum-majoring has earned him the nickname Happy Hips); ancient, palsied school groundskeeper J.K.; and Priscilla, a lesbian photographer whose Ahab-like obsession with tornados leads her to face down the twister that gives the play its title. (Source credited:

Production Team

Joe Massa: Director