Jacob and Jack*
May 14Jun 20, 2010
By James Sherman


Dennis Zacek


James Sherman


Roslyn Alexander (Esther/Hannah)
Janet Ulrich Brooks (Lisa/Leah)
Daniel Cantor (Ted/Abe)
Andrew Keltz (Don/Moishe)
Laura Scheinbaum (Robin/Rachel)
Craig Spidle (Jack/Jacob)


Jack Shore, a well-known television personality, is appearing for one night only in a tribute to his grandfather, Jacob Shemerinsky, great star of the Yiddish Theater. In his dressing room, Jack confronts his challenges as an actor and husband to his co-starring wife. Meanwhile, 75 years in the past, Jacob has problems of his own. Actors play their past and present roles in a dizzying display of life in the theater in this time-traveling farce that echoes past James Sherman smash comedies like Beau Jest, Jest a Second, and Affluenza!.

Production Team

Dennis Zacek – Director
Mary Griswold – Scenic Designer
Carol J. Blanchard – Costume Designer
Jesse Klug – Lighting Designer
Scott Miller – Sound Designer
Grant Sabin – Props Designer
Jeff McLaren – Assistant Director
Rebecca Green – Stage Manager