My Children, My Africa
May 3Jun 10, 2007
By Athol Fugard


Cecil O’Neal


Athol Fugard


Clarence Gilyard: Mr. M
Beethoven Ogden: Thami
Blair Robertson: Isabel


Conflict over the most effective means for ending apartheid in South Africa leads to an explosive generational confrontation between a gifted, but impatient, black township youth and his devoted, but old fashioned, black teacher in this deeply felt and richly imagined drama. The unexpected involvement of a young white woman, who befriends and learns from both men, strips away the political trappings to reveal the human trauma at the heart of South Africa’s recent history.

Production Team

Karen Hoffman: Set Design
Michelle Tesdall: Costume Design
Avraham Mor: Lighting Design
Mikhail Fiksel: Sound Design
Michael Caloia, AEA: Production Stage Manager