The Colored Museum
Sep 30Oct 30, 1994
By George C. Wolfe


Andre de Shields


George C. Wolfe


Marshall Titus
Rick Worthy
Velma Austin
Sylvia Carter
Jacqueline Williams


“The Colored Museum” is both vaudeville show and nightmarish meltdown wherein stereotypes of black America come to life and get even.
A solicitous stewardess with a deathly grin welcomes the first African-Americans on a “Celebrity Slaveship”: “Please, don’t bring any drums.” A Josephine Baker wannabe invites her own nightmares into her act and breaks down as they take over. A Topsy-like pixie painfully gives birth to a giant egg. A boisterous drag queen snaps her fingers-and her enemies suffer mild heart attacks.
Victory Gardens Theater presented George C. Wolfe’s satire in 1987 and is reviving it this season as part of a plan to remount past achievements regularly. Then and now, Andre De Shields directs. (Source credited:

Production Team

Andre de Shields: Director
Amy Field: Stage Manager
Jim Dardenne: Scenic Designer
Todd Hensley: Lighting Designer
Claudia Boddy: Costume Designer
Galen Ramsey: Sound Designer
Stephen Mazurek: Slides