Free Man of Color*
Jan 16Feb 29, 2004
By Charles Smith


Andrea Dymond


Charles Smith


Gary Houston (Wilson)
Anthony Fleming III (John)
Shelley Delaney (Jane)


A play about race, culture, and the difference between education and assimilation in America, Free Man of Color tells the intriguing story of John Newton Templeton, an ex-slave who graduated from Ohio University 37 years before the end of slavery, and University President, Robert Wilson, who was forced to reevaluate his abolitionist views, while Templeton was forced to examine why he was chosen to be the “first.”

Production Team

Andrea J. Dymond – Director
Tim Morrison – Scenic Designer
Mary Badger – Lighting Designer
Michelle Tesdall – Costume Designer
Joe Cerqua – Sound Designer
Christopher Ash – Props Designer
Rita Vreeland