Ariadne’s Thread*
Sep 13Oct 27, 2002
By Ann Noble


Sandy Shinner


Ann Noble


Tyla Abercrumbie (Joan)
Mary Kathryn Bessinger (Anderson)
Matt Kahler: Armin
Joey Honsa (Connor)
Nambi E. Kelley(Niki)
Bruce Young: Richard,br />
Laura Jones Macknin(Gareth)
Jenny McKnight (Wendy)
Julia Neary (Lea)


In Ariadne’s Thread, Chicago playwright Ann Noble has created a modern-day
maze of marriages, love affairs, family relationships, births and deaths for
seven contemporary women to negotiate. Three cities and fourteen
telephones are their threads in this funny, touching and topical story of
intersecting lives. Yet despite all the talking, is anybody really
communicating? When random connections start to form patterns, each
character discovers how deep her resources are for love, humor and
compassion, and whether the path through the labyrinth of life will be as
frightening as originally thought.

Production Team

Sandy Shinner – Director
Judith Lundberg – Costume Designer
Jack Magaw – Set Designer
Andre Pluess and Ben Sussman – Sound Designer
Jaymi Lee Smith – Lighting Designer
Heather Gilbert: Lighting Designer