North Star*
Mar 1Apr 1, 1995
By Gloria Bond Clunie


Sandy Shinner


Gloria Bond Clunie


Leslie Holland: Aurelia
Thomasina Gross: Relia
Jacqueline Williams: Kate
Tim Rhoze: Manson
Christopher Brown: Willie
Syd Rushing: Hawkins
William King: Reverend
Timothy Jenkins: Franklin
Audrey Morgan: Grandma
Karen Hammer: Miss Cooper
Don Blair: Mr. Connell
Matt Pavich: Jake


A hostile remark from a cabdriver triggers memories for Aurelia Taylor–memories of the long-ago summer of 1960, when her small southern hometown joined in the civil rights demonstrations proliferating in larger cities. Of her father and mother, desperately trying to protect the children from immediate danger as well as from future oppression. Of her best friend, Willie Joe, whose quick mind and quicker temper made him a target for violent retaliation. And of a long, solitary night journey that forced her to confront her fear of a darkness both literal and spiritual. (Source credited:

Production Team

Sandy Shinner: Director
Amy Field: Stage Manager
Jeff Bauer: Set Design
Michael Rourke: Light Design
Margaret Morettini: Costume Design
Galen Ramsey: Sound Design
Dann E. Reese: Music Director