Class Dismissed*
Mar 20Apr 26, 2009
By Jeffrey Sweet


Dennis Zacek


Jeffrey Sweet


Jennifer Avery (Meg)
Tim Grimm (Jackson/Gilbert)
Ann Joseph (Wendy)
Steve Key (Pete)
Jessica London-Shields (Lisa)
Aaron Roman Weiner (Roy)
Marc Grapey (Swing)
Bridget Rue Esterhuizen (Understudy)
James Farruggio (Understudy)
Sara Hoyer (Understudy)
Bob Kruse (Understudy)


Class Dismissed starts out with a smart, funny trip back to the heat of the 1960s, when you couldn’t blame a rich kid for questioning his priorities. Your friends (who don’t know you have money) want you to help build a new way of life. But your dad wants you to carry on the family business. Add a renegade professor, a botched war protest, sex (of course), and some pot, naturally. Class Dismissed is a comedy that shows us what comes after sex and drugs: a story about youth and living with the consequences of how you spend it.

Production Team

Dennis Zacek – Director
Mary Griswold – Scenic Designer
Tatjana Radisic – Costume Designer
Joe Cerqua – Sound Designer
John Culbert – Lighting Designer
Chelsea Meyers – Properties Designer
Tina M. Jach – Stage Manager