Half and Half*
May 26Jul 9, 2006
By James Sherman


Dennis Zacek


James Sherman


Joe Dempsey: Stewart/Jeremy
Laura T. Fisher: Susan/Lucy
Mattie Hawkinson: Lucy/Katie


Half of all marriages end in divorce. So half of all marriages continue, right? Maybe. In Half and Half, James Sherman explores marriages past and present. In the first act, at a breakfast in 1970, the breadwinner husband reads the newspaper, as the homemaker wife fries the eggs. In the second act, at a breakfast taking place this morning, the career-minded wife reads the paper, and the stay-at-home husband cooks the frittata. With his unique comic insight, Sherman looks at how husbands and wives accept and reject their roles, how their roles have changed, and how their roles just might be changing again.

Production Team

Dennis Zacek: Director
Scott Bishop: Assistant Director
Mary Griswold: Scenic Designer
Christine Pascual: Costume Designer
Rita Pietraszek: Lighting Designer
Andre Pleuss: Sound Designer
Tina M. Jach: Stage Manager