Bourbon at the Border
Jan 2Mar 2, 2002
By Pearl Cleage


Andrea J. Dymond


Pearl Cleage


E. Milton Wheeler (Charlie)
Cheryl Lynn Bruce (Rosa)
A.C. Smith (Tyrone)
Velma Austin (May)


After months at a mental rehabilitation hospital, Charlie returns home to his wife, May. He gets a job through Tyrone, the boyfriend of Rosa, May’s best friend. Everything seems to be going fine for both of the couples. But it becomes clear that all of Charlie’s problems were not solved during his time away. He must still face the traumatic events in his and May’s past during the civil-rights movement, events that continue to creep into the present.

Production Team

Andrea J. Dymond – Director
Patti Roeder – Costume Designer
Mary Griswold – Set Designer
Mary Badger – Lighting Designer
Joe Cerqua – Sound Designer
Rita Vreeland – Stage Manager