The Defiant Muse*
Sep 21Oct 28, 2007
By Nicholas A. Patricca


Andrea J. Dymond


Nicholas A. Patricca


Lisa Tejero (Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz)
Dan Kenney (Don Juan)
Dawn Alden (Lisi/Elvira)
Desmin Borges (Fernandez)
Maria Enriquez (Dona Maria/Ensemble)
Joseph Anthony Foronda (The Herald/Servant)
Ricardo Gutierrez (Gongora)
Kenn E. Head (Nunez)
Raoul Johnson (Don Pedro/The Statue/The Hermit)
Niall McGinty (Don Ottavio/Ensemble)
Lauran September Osborne (Dona Anna)
Kevin Viol (Ensemble)


Swordplay. The fantastical theatricality of Baroque Theater. A seventeenth-century tale with a very modern hero. Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, the most celebrated writer in Mexican history, duels with the imaginary Don Juan, her literary alter ego, to reveal the spiritual process through which she discovers her true power and identity. Her chambers become the salon of the New World: where artists, scientists, scholars, and philosophers converse without fear of the Inquisition. After a devastating betrayal, Sor Juana writes a brilliant essay affirming the rights of women to participate as artistic and political leaders. The Defiant Muse was awarded a top international prize in the 2006 Alexander S. Onassis Foundation playwriting competition.

Production Team

Andrea J. Dymond – Director
Keith Pitts – Scenic Designer
Judith Lundberg – Costume Designer
Charles Cooper – Lighting Designer
Joseph Cerqua – Sound Designer/Composer
Nick Sandys – Fight Choreographer
Wilfredo Rivera – Choreographer
Tina M. Jach – Stage Manager