Drowning Sorrows*
Nov 15Dec 15, 1996
By Douglas Post


Curt Columbus


Douglas Post


Keli Garrett (Gina)
Kate Goehring (Emily)
Kenn E. Head (Cole)
John Judd (Duncan)
Andrew Leman (Raymond)


A kind of dramatic Rorschach test, Douglas Post’s psychological puzzler forces audiences to fill in some tantalizing blanks. A Manhattan heiress visits the Virgin Islands, “not on a vacation, but a vendetta.” Arriving at an isolated cabana with her British husband Raymond, Emily decides that the bartender, Duncan, is the guy who jilted her 20 years earlier. Raymond knows that finding her betrayer will end his wife’s search for the first–and worst–love of her life, and he’s willing to pay Duncan $10,000 to play along with her. (Source credited: http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/drowning-sorrows/Content?oid=892103)

Production Team

Curt Columbus: Director
Bill Bartlet: Set Designer
Erin Crowley: Assistant Director
Ron DeMarco: Production Manager
Lindsay Jones: Sound Designer
David Gipson: Lighting Designer
Margaret Morettini: Costume Designer
Marc Pressley: Carpenter
Laurie St. Peter: Assistant Stage Manager
Dee Wickert: Props Designer