Hanging Fire*
Nov 5Dec 19, 2004
By Claudia Allen


Sandy Shinner


Claudia Allen


Bethanny Alexander (Young Lillian)
Mattie Hawkinson (Young Ruth)
Les Hinderyckx (Donny Fletcher)
Rachel Stephens (Ruth)
Meg Thalken (Deb)
Mick Weber (Calvin)
Ann Whitney (Lillian)


Hanging Fire is set on the 4th of July in small-town America. Ruth has survived a stroke, but will she survive her sister Lillian’s campaign to get her to move into the terminally boring Golden Years Retirement Center? What about 75-year-old boy-next-door, Donny Fletcher, will Ruth endure, even embrace, his life-long bout of puppy love? And will Lillian’s son Calvin ever find love with a woman who’s not his mother? Shifting back and forth in time, Hanging Fire is a touching comedy about family and the lifelong love/hate emotional tug of war between sisters.

Production Team

Sandy Shinner – Director
Rita Pietraszek – Lighting Designer
Andrew Hopson – Sound Designer
John Stark- Scenic Designer
Laura Maerz – Props Designer
Tina M. Jach – Stage Manager