The God of Isaac
May 16Jun 22, 1997
By James Sherman


Dennis Zacek


James Sherman


Debbie Bisno (Actress I)
Jennifer Chervenick (Actress II)
Dennis Cockrum (Actor II)
Henrietta Hermelin (Mrs. Adams)
Bernie Landis (Actor I)
Kraig Shwartz (Isaac Adams)


Parallelling the extended run New York’s Jest A Second, James Sherman’s sequel to his tremendously popular Beau Jest, Chicago’s Victory Garden’s Theatre will revive an earlier Sherman work, The God Of Isaac, as its final mainstage production of the season.
First produced at the Illinois theatre in 1985, The God Of Isaac tells of a Jewish man’s search for spiritual identity, prompted by the threat of a neo-Nazi march in Skokie. Parodies of famous movies and interruptions by Isaac’s mother also figure into the poignant comedy. (Source credited:

Production Team

Dennis Zacek: Director
Nels Anderson: Set Designer
Chris Corwin: Technical Director
Ron DeMarco: Production Manager
Chris Garbacz: Master Electrician
David Gipson: Lighting Design
Galen Ramsey: Sound and Props Designer
Beth Talden: Costumer
Nan Zabriski: Costume Designer