Waiting To Be Invited
Jan 18Mar 3, 2002
By S.M. Shepard-Massat


Ilesa Duncan


S.M. Shepard-Massat


Velma Austin (Louise)
Kimberly Hebert-Gregory (Ruth)
Irma P. Hall (Odessa)
Kenn E. Head (Palmeroy Bateman)
Mary Ann Thebus (Grayson)
Jacqueline Williams (Delores)


Irma P. Hall stars in Waiting To Be Invited, the true tale of three black women who summoned the courage to test the Supreme Court decision on integration by riding in the front of the bus on their way to stage a sit-in at an all-white lunch counter in Atlanta. Based on the experiences of the author’s grandmother, this riveting story allows us to see the effect that the civil rights movement had on the feelings and actions of average citizens. Waiting to Be Invited premiered at the Denver Center Theatre Company in January 2000, earning Shephard-Massat the 2001 M. Elizabeth Osborn Award, given each year by the American Theatre Critics Association to an emerging playwright.

Production Team

lesa Duncan: Director
Mary Griswold: Set Designer
Jaymi Lee Smith: Lighting Designer
Kristine Knanishu: Costume Designer
Erin Teufel: Assistant Costume Designer
Lindsay Jones: Sound Designer
Becky Marshall: Props Designer
Ellyn Costello: Stage Manager