May 27Jul 10, 2005
By David C. Field


Dennis Zacek


David C. Field


Matt DeCaro (Neal)
J.J. Johnston (Slocum)
Jennifer Liu (Ecco)
William J. Norris (Lakos)
Meg Thalken (Myra)
Aaron Roman Weiner (Oscar)
Shay Ames (u/s Oscar)
Stephanie Felmly (u/s Ecco)
Tom Grant (u/s Lakos)
Janice O’Neill (u/s Myra)
John Ruhaak (u/s Slocum)
Fred Zar (u/s Neal)


At age 26, Oscar sent a ripple through the physics community with a paper on M-theory, with his work catching the attention of both technology tycoon John Slocum and famed Manhattan Project scientist Edmund Lakos. While Oscar is tempted by their career offers, he feels bound to his low-profile teaching position at Albuquerque State by his mentor, Neil Julian, and Neil’s mission to build a state-of-the-art physics lab. As Oscar becomes entangled in the power politics of building an elaborate new facility, he begins to question his previous notions about the power of Western science and math, as he becomes intrigued by the mystical ideas of Ecco Sagada — the new Eastern religions professor.

Production Team

Dennis Zacek – Director
Mary Griswold – Scenic Designer
Todd Hensley – Lighting Designer
Christine Pascual – Costume Designer
Jennifer Hawbaker – Assistant Costume Designer
Andre Pluess – Sound Designer
Christopher Ash – Props Designer
Tina M. Jach – Stage Manager