Sidney Bechet Killed a Man*
Jan 17Feb 23, 1997
By Stuart Flack


Sandy Shinner


Stuart Flack


Kirsten Daurelio (Female Ensemble)
Deanna Dunagan (Emily)
Reid Godshaw (Jerry)
Jack McLaughlin Gray (Philip)
John Judd (Marcel)
Jordan Michael Loperena (Jerry)
A.C. (Tony) Smith (Ensemble)


Dr. Philip Litwin is a supremely confident, world-class cardiac surgeon who compares his skill and powers of concentration to those of jazz great, Sidney Bechet. Like saxophonist Bechet, Litwin will kill a man. In fact, one night, Litwin dreams that the hearts of each of his 24,000 patients stop beating in the same instant. (Source credited:

Production Team

Sandy Shinner: Director
Jeff Bauer: Set Designer
Claudia Boddy: Costume Designer
Ron DeMarco: Production Manager
Chris Garbacz: Master Electrician
Kelsey Hartman and Eric Senne: Assistant Directors
Christopher Kriz: Sound Designer
Rita Pietraszek: Lighting Designer
Betsy Roe: Props Designer