Jan 14Feb 27, 2005
By Gloria Bond Clunie


Andrea J. Dymond


Gloria Bond Clunie


Danise M. Chapman (Spook)
Tory O. Davis (Choir/Reverend)
Kenn E. Head (John)
Warren Jackson (Cephus)
Ora Jones (Roberta)
Ora B. Nance (Choir)
Wynter Spears (Choir)
Linara Washington (Carol)
Jacqueline Williams (Grandma/Miz Lottie)


Inspired by the tragic 1963 Birmingham church bombing that killed four young African American girls, Shoes explores the impact of one child’s existence far beyond her own community. Fourteen year old Carol is overjoyed when she receives her first pair of high heels, but devastated when she discovers herself at the gates of heaven — barefoot and perplexed. Determined to repossess her newly acquired symbol of womanhood, Carol journeys through her life and afterlife with humor and courage, as faith clashes with monumental doubt, and Shoes forces us to question the puzzle of our own existence.

Production Team

Andrea J. Dymond – Director
Vernon Clark – Music Director
Nick Bartels – Technical Director
Jonathan Heuring – Production Manager
Charlie Cooper – Lighting Designer
Judith Lundberg – Costume Designer
Rick Paul – Scenic Designer
Laura Maerz – Props Designer
Ellyn Costello – Stage Manager
Tom Albright – Master Electrician
Bradley Nelson – Artistic Intern