Year Zero*
Sep 11Oct 18, 2009
By Michael Golamco


Andrea J. Dymond


Michael Golamco


Allan Aquino: Glenn
Tim Chiou: Han
Joyee Lin: Vuthy
Jennifer Shin: Ra


Vuthy Vichea is a 16-year-old Cambodian American. He loves hip-hop and Dungeons and Dragons. He is a weird kid in a place where weirdness can be fatal: Long Beach, California. And since his best friend moved and his mother died, the only person he can talk to is a human skull he keeps hidden in a cookie jar. Sharp, funny, and packing an emotional wallop, Year Zero is a touching family drama about being chased across an ocean by death, standing firm, and confronting it head on.

Production Team

Andrea J. Dymond: Director
Mary Badger: Lighting Designer
Kyle Irwin: Sound Designer
Richard and Jacqueline Penrod: Scenic Designers
Frances Maggio: Costume Designer
Grant Sabin: Props Designer
David Woolley: Fight Choreographer
Rachel Robinson: Stage Manager