Melissa Carlson sitting with a headset on, holding a pen in her hand
Oct 7Nov 14, 2004
By John Belluso


Tim Farrell


John Belluso


Melissa Carlson (Dr. Rebecca Abbot)
Elaine Rivkin (Louise “Lou” Josephson)
Aaron Weiner (Harry Weston)
Shay Ames (u/s Harry)
Julia Riedel (u/s Rebecca)


When a young man in a wheelchair meets a single mom in a hospital emergency room an unlikely romance emerges. In their struggle to navigate a tangled health care system, they encounter a young physician whose wavering conscience could be their saving grace. Pyretown is a contemporary love story that asks: how do we look a stranger in the eyes and learn the art of mercy?

Production Team

Tim Farrell – Director
Sam Ball – Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer
Ellyn Costello – Props Designer
Amanda Heilman – Production Assistant

Richard Lundy – Stage Manager

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