Death of Zukasky
Jan 1Feb 1, 1992
By Richard Strand


Curt Columbus


Richard Strand


Jim Leaming: Barry
Betsy Freytag: Anne
David Cromer: A.C.
Joe Lauck: Marlino
Paul Scheier: Zukasky


Richard Strand’s The Death of Zukasky, currently playing at Victory Gardens, is a mildly satiric comedy concerning the sudden unexpected death of Theodore Zukasky, sales director for a large unnamed corporation, and the undeclared office war that breaks out between Anne Desmond and Zukasky’s successor, an annoying, incompetent, avaricious dweeb named Barry Mills. (Source credited:

Production Team

Chuck Drury: Set Designer
Chris Phillips: Lights
Frances Maggio: Costumes
Galen Ramsey: Sound