The Glamour House*
Nov 9Dec 23, 2001
By Lydia Stryk


Sandy Shinner


Lydia Stryk


Deanna Dunagan (Trudi Stein)
Anne Fogarty (Esther Bayer)
Cindy Gold (Mrs. Pauschel)
Marc Jablon (Tom Puccini)
Carmen Roman (Rosa Perez)


Set in 1947, in the vibrant immigrant community of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Lydia Stryk’s new play traces the development of a mysterious relationship between the cool and elegant owner of a dress shop, and the young woman who comes to work for her as a salesgirl. In the world of the shop, ideas of fashion and commerce and the hunger for glamour clothe hidden needs until they are stripped bare.

Production Team

Sandy Shinner: Director
Sara Freeman: Assistant Director
Eva Breneman: Dialect Coach
Tim Morrison: Set Designer
Rita Pietraszek: Lighting Designer
Judith Lundberg: Costume Designer
Erin Teufel: Assistant Costume Designer
Andre Pluess and Ben Sussman: Sound Designers
Andrea J. Dymond: Props Designer
Tina Jach: Stage Manager