Memory House
Sep 9Oct 23, 2005
By Kathleen Tolan


Sandy Shinner


Kathleen Tolan


Taylor Miller: Maggie
Casandra Bissell: Katia


One winter night a woman bakes a pie, and a girl tries to finish her college essay. As the deadline looms, unexamined issues of the girl’s adoption from Russia, the rupture of her parents divorce, and the fear of leaving home break through the surface as the mother cajoles, deflects, and maneuvers around her own feelings of sadness and loss. Unfolding in real time, Memory House is about a young and an older woman who are forced to grapple with the past as they face an uncertain future. A funny and moving story about the complexity of living in the world today.

Production Team

Rob Martin: Set Designer
Lorraine Venberg: Costume Designer
Lindsay Jones: Sound Designer
Christopher Ash: Lighting Designer
Ellyn Costello: Prop Designer
Tina M. Jach: Stage Manager