May 12Jun 18, 2000
By Claudia Allen


Sandy Shinner


Claudia Allen


Deanna Dunagan (Gwendoline)
Sharon Gless (Madeline Ballantine)
Sean Grennan (Ray O’Keefe)
Brad Harbaugh (Harry/Undertaker/Director)
Brighid O’Shaughnessy (Lee Barry)
Rob Riley (Roland Jameson)


Cahoots, Allen’s follow-up to last season’s Victory Gardens smash hit Winter, is a madcap show business comedy about a playwriting team, Madeline Ballantine and Ray O’Keefe, who chase fame, fortune and each other across several decades of the twentieth century.

Production Team

Sandy Shinner: Director
Mary Griswold: Set Designer
Todd Hensley: Lighting Designer
Judy Lundberg: Costume Designer
Andre Pluess: Sound Designer
Deanna Skedel: Prop Designer
Tina M. Jach: Production Stage Manager