May 11Jun 17, 2001
By Claudia Allen


Sandy Shinner


Claudia Allen


Julie Harris (Carrie)
Ann Whitney (Abigail)


Fossils humorously and economically addresses a rarely seen pairing on stage. Carrie , a retired school teacher, has kept her lesbianism hidden since her first lover committed suicide after being found out.. She is enjoying a two-week vacation at a B&B on the shores of Lake Michigan, where she meets Abigail, a retired and widowed economics professor with decidedly Right Wing views. Over a series of short conversations, the women strike up a friendship, confront each other about their opposing views and eventually begin a love affair.

Production Team

Sandy Shinner: Director
Sara Freeman: Assistant Director
Jeff Bauer: Set Designer
Todd Hensley: Lighting Designer
Caryn Weglarz: Costume Designer
Andre Pluess: Sound Designer
Tracy Otwell: Props Designer