Court-Martial at Fort Devens*
Feb 2Mar 11, 2007
By Jeffrey Sweet


Andrea J. Diamond


Jeffrey Sweet


Ericka Ratcliff: Virginia Boyd
Velma Austin: Black Woman 1
Samantha D. Tanner: Black Woman 2
Lili-Anne Brown: Black Woman 3
Cameron Flagin: White Woman
Phillip Edward Van Lear: Black Man 1
Morocco Omari: Black Man 2
James Krag: White Man


Based on a surprising historical discovery, Court-Martial at Fort Devens tells of a confrontation during WWII between two young, black, female privates, a colonel determined to keep them in their place, and the heroic black lawyer who takes their case with a little help from Eleanor Roosevelt.

Production Team

Andrea J. Dymond: Director
Charlie Cooper: Lighting Designer
Vinctoria Delorio: Sound Designer
Mary Griswold: Scenic Designer
Birgit Rattenborg Wise: Costume Designer
Rita Vreeland: Stage Manager