Berlin 45*
Mar 18May 1, 2005
By Jeffrey Sweet


Calvin MacClean


Jeffrey Sweet


Chris Cantelmi (Second Doubling Actor)
Melissa Carlson (Second Doubling Actress)
Tandy Cronyn (Ilse)
Gary Houston (First Doubling Actor)
Deborah Leydig (First Doubling Actress)
Rick Peeples (Gregor)
Carm Grisolia (u/s Gregor)
Kevin Kenneally (u/s First Doubling Actor)
Laura Sciortino (u/s First and Second Doubling Actor)
Walter Thon (u/s Second Doubling Actor)
Jenny Wisnowski (u/s Ilse)


In the ruins of Hitler’s Berlin, Trude awaits the Soviet troops to see what form their liberation of the city will take. The need to survive leads her to a Russian major who becomes her protector. She is shocked to find in him an unlikely soulmate — both loathe their countries’ leadership, both are horrified by the actions of their countrymen, and both look for the hope of civilization in the heart of chaos.

Production Team

Cal Maclean – Director
Mark Goldwebber – Choreographer
Jack Magaw – Scenic Designer
Julie Mack – Lighting Designer
Judith Lundberg – Costume Designer
Sara Nadler – Assistant Costume Designer
Andre Pluess – Sound Designer
Sara Morgan – Props Designer