Homeland Security*
Oct 1Nov 23, 2003
By Stuart Flack


Sandy Shinner


Stuart Flack


Anish Jethmalani (Dr. Raj Gupta)
Julia Neary (Susan)
Kenn E. Head (Thomas Benjamin)
James Krag (Paul)


Upon their return from a vacation to Amsterdam, a 32-year-old second-generation Indian doctor and his American girlfriend are detained at O’Hare for questioning. Ambiguity. Anxiety. Ethnicity. What happens to our lives when trust evaporates? The surprising interconnectedness of people and events. The fragility of stability. The intangibility of identity. Homeland Security traces the impact of the interrogation, and how each person comes to view themselves, each other, and the world.

Production Team

Sandy Shinner – Director
Jeff Bauer – Scenic Designer
Jaymi Lee Smith – Lighting Designer
Michelle Tesdall – Costume Designer
Chris Johnson – Sound Designer
Nick Bartels – Technical Director
Jonathan Heuring – Production Manager
Ellyn Costello – Stage Manager