Wipe That Smile*
Mar 1Apr 1, 1994
By Kaye Osbourne


Jaye Stewart


Kaye Osbourne


Christian Payton: Prettywalks
Jaqueline Fleming: Miss Scarlett
W. Allen Taylor: Dread
Velma Austin: Plutus
Kenn E. Head: Phanso


Trench Town, a Kingston ghetto, is the backdrop. The plot concerns the deeply religious Putus, who loses her job as a domestic to drug lord Mr. Palmer and his floozy companion, Miss Scarlett, and then struggles to feed her children and steer her unemployed husband, Phanso, away from the temptations offered by the flashy drug dealer Prettywalks. (Source credited: http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/wipe-that-smile/Content?oid=884004)