Oct 1Nov 1, 1990
By Sybille Pearson


Judy O’Malley


Sybille Pearson


Peggy Goss: D
Janice St. John: Valerie
Marji Bank: Leah
Terry Joe: Lorraine et. Al
Carlos Banz: Michael
Rob Riley: Doctor et. al


For 30 years D has been content to love and be loved by her adopted mother, Leah. If she thought about her birth mother, it was to conjure up some fantasy figure, Myrna Loy or a hillbilly or a renegade Rothschild or even Lassie.
But make-believe goes only so far. Now married to Michael Cruz, a loving 35-year-old writer, D will soon have a baby: this new life triggers in D a yearning to close the circle, to meet the woman who gave her up for adoption. D can’t take on a mother’s responsibility until she knows why her birth mother failed at the same task. How, D wonders, can she succeed where this intimate stranger did not? (Source credited:

Production Team

Judy O’Malley: Director
Chris Fitzgerald: Production Manager
Galen G. Ramsey: Stage Manager
Mark Netherland: Set Design
Caryl Stone: Costume Design
Ellen Jones: Light Design
Galen G. Ramsey: Sound Design
Andrea Nussbaum: Prop Master