Hortensia and the Museum of Dreams
Nov 1Dec 18, 2005
By Nilo Cruz


Diane Rodriguez


Nilo Cruz


Cheryl Lynn Bruce: Hortensia/Mama Fefa
Christopher DePaola: Basilio/Officer
Ricardo Gutierrez: General Viamonte, Faustino, Tio Lalo/Soto/Heredia
Marcela Munoz: Delita/Receptionist/Amparo/Mercedita
Alex Meneses: Luciana
Joe Minoso: Samuel/Officer
Ivan Vega: Luca


A brother and a sister, whose lives were forever altered when their mother put them on a flight from Havana to the United States in 1961, return to their native land during the Popes visit to Cuba. The brother and sister take their own path, as they search for recollection and healing. This tale of estranged siblings seeking to make sense of the childhood that was subtracted from their lives possesses an imaginative and lyrical landscape that elevates the material to a poetic universality.
Source: Google Books

Production Team

Brian Sidney Bembridge: Set Designer
Judi Lundberg: Costume Designer
Jesse Klug: Lighting Designer
Andre Pluess: Sound Designer
Joanna Iwanicka: Prop Designer
Tina M. Jach: Stage Manager