Sep 15Oct 22, 2000
By Douglas Post


Dennis Zacek


Douglas Post


Jane Blass (Sally Oglesby)
Patrick Bresyan (Ben Oglesby)
Kevin Gudahl (Carter Bartosek)
Kelley Hazen (Beth McAlister Harper)
Beth O’Grady (Zoe Harper)
Tom Roland (Reverend Roy McAlister)
Patrick (Thornton Dexter Defillipis)
Jeff Still (Ernie Noodleman)
Mary Ann Thebus (Lois Garrity)


In Blissfield, Carter Bartosek is a journalist stationed in Beirut, who returns to his rural Illinois hometown for the funeral of his best friend Dan, a former congressman who apparently took his own life while high on a mix of painkillers and alcohol. When Carter discovers that Dan left the larger political arena to run for mayor of Blissfield, and that his progressive agenda alienated members of the community, Carter becomes suspicious enough to kick up the ashes of his childhood and confront people from his past. Was his best friend murdered for his politics? At first an outsider looking in, Carter discovers just how much an insider he is after unearthing a few unsavory truths about his friends, himself, and the idyllic town he once called home.

Production Team

Dennis Zacek: Director
Rob Schaefer: Assistant Director
Jack Magaw: Set Designer
Todd Hensley: Lighting Designer
Chris Garbacz: Asstistant Lighting Designer
Judy Lundberg: Costume Designer
Erin Teufel: Assistant Costume Designer
Andre Pluess: Sound Designer
Ann Bartek: Prop Designer