May 15Aug 2, 1998
By Jeffrey Sweet


Dennis Zacek


Jeffrey Sweet


Amy Morton (Iris)
William Petersen (Ted)
Linda Reiter (Linette)
Marc Vann (Oliver)


Written by Jeffrey Sweet and directed by Sandy Shinner, the 90-minute play thrusts the audience into an extended conversation between Oliver (Richard Kind), a successful film critic who has returned to Ohio for his 25th high school reunion, and Ted (Kevin Geer), a laid-off plant worker who hasn’t gone much of anywhere. Ted is a bully, a toxic mix of self-loathing and self-entitlement. He made it his business to make Oliver’s life miserable in school, and he’s after something here, having invited Oliver back to his deck for drinks served up with simmering tensions that grow more complicated once Iris (Michele Pawk), another former classmate, shows up. (Donna Bullock completes the cast as Ted’s mentally fragile wife, Lianne). Emotionally transparent and, at times, unthinkingly condescending, Oliver is drawn in. You don’t know what the trap is, but you know it’s closing. (Source credited:

Production Team

Dennis Zacek: Director
Nick Bartels: Technical Director
Jeff Bauer: Costume Designer
Billy Carey: Props Designer
Mary Griswold: Set Designer
Malia Lewis: Production Manager
Todd Hensley: Lighting Designer
Andre Pluess: Sound Designer
Ben Sussman: Sound Designer