Immoral Imperatives*
Sep 14Oct 28, 2001
By Jeffrey Sweet


Cal Maclean


Jeffrey Sweet


Tim Grimm (Dale)
Linda Reiter (Liz)
Kristine Thatcher (Teri)
Dennis Zacek (Hank)


Featuring Dennis Zacek as Hank — When a couple of homesick Cubans pull a gun and relieve Dale of the boat on which he lives, he needs to find a new place to stay. He accepts a room from old friends newly arrived in the Florida Keys — a retired university professor named Hank and Hank’s younger wife, Teri, who is perhaps not quite as ready for retirement as her husband. Special circumstances give rise to special responses, and it helps to keep a sense of humor in this comedic and dramatic follow up to Victory Gardens’ premieres of Sweet’s The Action Against Sol Schumann, Bluff and Flyovers.

Production Team

Cal MacLean – Director
Jeffrey Sweet – Playwright
John Stark – Set Designer
Julie Mack – Lighting Designer
Kristine Knanishu – Costume Designer
Becky Marshall – Prop Designer
Rick Peeples – Sound Designer
Tina M. Jach – Stage Manager