Earth and Sky
Sep 1Oct 1, 1992
By Douglas Post


Curt Columbus


Douglas Post


Martha Lavey: Sara
Andrew May: David
John Judd: Weber
Betsy Freytag: Joyce
Paul Shire: Billy
Jeff Still: Gatz
Tom Carroll: Eisenstadt
Stacey Guastaferro: Marie
Tony Smith: Kersnowski


A shy young woman sets out to solve a shocking killing, much to the chagrin of the hard-boiled police detective who sees her amateurish sleuthing as ruinous to his work. The girl, bright but naive, makes all kinds of mistakes and gets into all sorts of dangerous situations, but eventually she cleverly solves the mystery and turns the murderer over to the police. (Source credited:

Production Team

Curt Columbus: Director
Chris Fitzgerald: Production Manager
Amy A. Field: Stage Manager
James Dardenne: Set Design
John Brooks: Costume Design
Galen G. Ramsey: Sound Design and Props
Michael Rourke: Light Design