Neighborhood Arts Collective-Chicago

By forging partnerships with community-based nonprofits throughout the city, Victory Gardens works to extend the reach of performing arts into the neighborhoods, creating the next generation of arts citizens. Neighborhood Arts Collective-Chicago, also known as NACC, is a coalition of nonprofit organizations that uses theater-based tools to create intergenerational and multicultural conversations that are integral to the community’s health and vitality.

Special thanks to the Joyce Foundation for their 2018 grant to support the creation of this collective.

NACC Partners Map

Our NACC Partners

Annie B. Jones Community Services, Inc. is a youth-focused institute of high-end arts, culture, and training. ABJ utilizes the visual, media, and performing arts to create innovative programs that teach youth to become change agents in their community.

Mujeres Latinas en Acción
Mujeres Latinas en Acción (Mujeres), a bilingual/bicultural agency, empowers Latinas  by providing services which reflect their values and culture and being and advocate on the issues that make a difference in their lives.

El Valor
El Valor is a non-profit community-based organization founded in 1973 that strives for a community in which all members, including individuals with special needs, can live, learn and work.

Latinos Progresando
Latinos Progresando’s mission is to deliver high-quality information and resources for people to build secure, healthy and productive lives.

North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council
The NLCCC seeks to revitalize North Lawndale through bold, community-driven initiatives.

North Lawndale Employment Network
The NLEN assists North Lawndale residents through innovative employment initiatives that lead to economic advancement and an improved quality of life.

NACC Partner COVID-19 Epidemic Updates

Our partners have the following updates and resources available in response to the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic.

Mujeres Latinas en Acción is continuing with their efforts to make sure members of their communities are counted for the Census. They would like support in spreading awareness on social media: Share our Facebook post! Share with your Twitter network!

NLCCC – Noble campuses are offering free grab-and go meals to all students and families, Monday-Friday. Those in need can pick up 4 days of breakfast and 3 days of lunch at the following locations:

  • Baker College Prep
  • Butler College Prep
  • DRW College Prep
  • Pritzker College Prep
  • Gary Comer College Prep
  • Hansberry College Prep
  • Noble Street College Prep

El Valor suggests the following resources for families and those dealing with disabilities

NLEN has announced that all workforce programs including U-Turn Permitted, the Financial Opportunity Center, Job Club and Moving Forward will be facilitated through a virtual learning platform for two weeks beginning Monday, March 16. Fast Lane Automotive Training is suspended until April 3, and NLEN Bridge and Moving Forward participants are to return April 6, 2020. iPathways is available for clients who desire to complete Bridge online. Upon the conclusion of this two-week period, the NLEN administrative staff will revisit the need for an extension or modification of this action plan based on the latest reports regarding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Updates will continue to be posted on their site.

NACC Partner Activities

All NACC programs are adapted to the specific needs and desires of each of our partners and the community they serve. Current and upcoming activities include:


  • Playwriting/play development classes for youth and adults led by VG teaching artists, with a performance component.
  • Drama in the Schools residencies in partnership with local schools.

Oral History Project/Documentary Theater

  • Collecting verbatim interviews from residents to be shaped and read as living documents on stage.
  • Training youth and seniors in interview skills and bringing them together for intergenerational conversations, with the goal of capturing recollections from elders before they are lost, and challenging youth to share their perspectives with seniors.

Performance/Readers Theater

  • Presenting staged readings of VG’s plays in the community.
  • Giving residents a platform to perform the Oral Histories they have gathered.
  • Bringing residents to VG to see their stories performed on stage by working actors.

Resource Sharing

  • Participating in holiday and resource drives for community members, connecting the VG community to NACC partner communities.
  • Sharing physical resources such as meeting rooms, rehearsal space, and staff time and talent with partners, free of charge.
  • Knowledge growth through joint information and grant projects to benefit NACC partners and VG.

NACC Circular
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