IDEAA Overview

Victory Gardens Theater aspires to produce theatre and programming that reflect the rich diversity of our city, nation, and the world. Our board, staff and artists recognize theatre is a catalyst for social change towards a more just and inclusive society. We are committed to empathy and celebrating our differences through our productions, town halls, panel discussions, Directors Inclusion Initiative, and other programs.

Anti-Racism Statement

We acknowledge that the American story has deep roots in racism and colonialism. Since our founding in 1974, Victory Gardens Theater has envisioned itself as an inclusive home to theater artists; but we have not always lived up to this vision and have been complicit in propagating white supremacy in our industry and beyond by upholding policies and practices that disproportionately harm people of color.

We commit to breaking down policies and practices in our own institution that perpetuate inequity and discrimination based in racial/ethnic identities.

We will continue to work with our staff, board, artists/practitioners, community partners, audiences and donors to find creative solutions to dismantling mechanisms that enable racism and the marginalization of any peoples.

We commit to creating a radically inclusive environment at Victory Gardens in every arena: in our rehearsal rooms and on stage; in the public spaces occupied by our patrons; in our offices and boardrooms; in classrooms and wherever we take our art into the community.

We will strive to live up to our vision to be a leader in helping to ignite social change for a better world, recognizing that this is an ongoing process.

Land Acknowledgement

Chicago remains the traditional homelands of over a dozen different tribes including the people of the Council of the Three Fires: the Ojibwe, Potawatomi, and Odawa. We honor the original ancestors of this land and also offer respect to the indigenous people still residing here. We strive to be accountable to remembering the history and cultivating respect within our relationships with indigenous peoples of this land.

IDEAA Updates

In a spirit of transparency, accountability, and a true desire to create lasting change, Victory Gardens staff and board have committed to sharing regular updates on our inclusion, diversity, equity, access, and anti-racism projects. Learn more about our recent work via the link below.

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